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  • Manly Meat Box

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    Manly Meat Sampler Box has  28 different pieces of exotic meat snacks.  Over 1.5 lbs. of a  carnivore's feast.  USDA inspected and approved.
     Package consists of 10 strips of jerky(0.75 oz. each) and 18 Meat sticks(1.0 oz,each)  GREAT GIFT!!  Feed that hungry boy or girl.  Most game meat snacks contain a small quantity of beef, added to promote texture and moisture, depending upon leanness of meat.
    Manly Meat Sampler Box has  28 different pieces of exotic meat snacks.  Over 1.5 lbs. of a  carnivore's feast.  USDA inspected and approved.
    Selection consists of one stick of each:
    .Jerky                                                               MEAT STICKS
    Cajun  Alligator                                                  Cajun Alligator               Mild Alligator
    Barbeque Alligator                                              Venison mild                Buffalo mild
    Venison black peppered                                     Venison teriyaki  X       Buffalo peppered
    Buffalo smoked                                                  Venison fire                Smoked Beef 
    Buffalo chipotle garlic(nitrate free)                    Wild Turkey                  Ostrich
    Elk                                                                    Elk   Black Pepper                         Honey Ham #
    Wild Boar BBQ                                                  Wild Boar bbq             Chorizo 
    Kangaroo                                                           Kangaroo                   Jalapeno #
    Ostrich                                                              Maple Duck                Hawaiian teriyaki # X
    Beef Pemmican style (nitrate free)                             

    # pork                     X-- NOT GLUTEN FREE