Selling Finest Cuts Of Meat For 5 Star Exotic Jerky

Jerky Sampler Special

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This Sampler Pack comes with one of each jerky sticks a total of ten.

BBQ Gator, Cajun Gator,  Ostrich, Chipotle Buffalo, Smoked Buffalo,

Beef Pemmican Style, Elk, Kangaroo, Venison Peppered and BBQ Wild Boar

10   3/4oz Jerky Stick Buffalo Bob's  One taste and you'll understand why our wild game Jerky meat sticks products are second to none. All farm-raised and USDA inspected Wild Game Jerky meat sticks.  Buffalo Bob's Snack Sticks are a ready to Eat..

These animals were raised with No G.M.O.s,And have  No Gluten ,No Artificial Preservatives

And made with all natural preservatives along with a touch of beef to comply with F.D.A regulations.