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How We Got Started

"As a jerky fanatic, I grew tired of the same old boring flavorless jerky you buy in stores. So I set out to search the U.S. for the most flavorful jerky with just the right texture. Well I found more than one, I found a lot of exotic jerky with a variety of flavors. So on this site you'll find the ones I believe are the best out there. You can rest assure that I will keep searching for more jerky and will bring the best to this site. If you know of some great tasting jerky that you think I might enjoy, please contact me and I'll give them a try and let you know what I think."
- Dan Hunt

Meat Sticks 1 oz.

Jerky Sticks .75 oz.

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Our Mission

The Continuing Story


I want to thank you for your patience. As some of you may know, my son Dan Passed away. I feel it is my duty to continue with his passion, providing the very best jerky and meat sticks that can be found. My name is Marie, his mother.

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