Selling Finest Cuts Of Meat For 5 Star Exotic Jerky

Wild Boar BBQ Jerky

$2.75 $2.65

The wild boar represents old European traditions. Any king’s dinner table would have been incomplete without it. This meat has a wild flavor and rich texture that makes it a unique taste adventure. The jerky and snack sticks have a BBQ flavor that satisfies a vigorous appetite.These animals are raise with no GM.O. And made with all natural preservatives.Along with just a touch of beef to comply with the FDA......

Buffalo Bob’s Jerky is made from prime cuts of meat that have been ground, blended with seasonings and formed into flat strips (no casing). Then, the meat is slow-smoked for as long as seven hours to capture the flavors of the selected hardwoods. To ensure freshness all products are individually vacuum-sealed